Months of lockdown

Greetings realness people. May your blessings multiply and bless everyone around you and may your walk be full of joy and forgiveness. Remember you must first forgive and love yourself before you can forgive others. One of the keys to being at peace and promoting peace is forgiveness. I think forgiveness allows you to love yourself and others. It allows you to see realness in promoting peace and growth. It allows your light to shine naturally as suns.

Prison day

Still on lockdown so I am doing a lot of travelling and seeing through my friends and Peace G’s eyes, wisdom and magic. Merging with them in realms of love, growth and realness. I miss my bird friends and fresh air and yet when I close my eyes and go deeper into the sweet darkness, I fly with my geese family over mountains, valleys and forests. I tweet with my black bird, cowbird and sparrow friends. I flutter my wings showing respect and appreciation. I keep my heart, soul and spirit open and as free as the sky. I do miss playing my flute. The day will come again.

Stay real section

Remembering Katrina, New Orleans (the hurricane).
This is America?
The hurricane in New Orleans drenched all people in hopelessness and despair – streets, rooftops and streams fat with death – black bloated bodies clutter the bridges and down the streams no end in sight.

This is America?
Some survivors rush into stores and markets to sustain their lives. The eye witness news high in their choppers reports that the white folks who rushed into the stores were securing provisions while the black folks who rushed into the stores were pillaging and looting.

This is America?
Bart station, Oakland California, six white cops have one young black man pent to the ground like a steer to be branded. One big burly white cop pulls out his gun and shoots the black kid in the head excution style on video tape. He is convicted of only misconduct and given wino time in prison, if any.
White folks rally in support of the burly cop. One white lady speaks out on the news – the cop did nothing wrong and black people made the killing racial.
This is America and its judicial system still inherently racist over 400 years. Ex president Carter speaks on that in sighs at the injustice.

This is America.
A car chase by mestesto cops ends in a drive way. A 16 year old unarmed black kid in an SUV truck surround by unlimited police cars blocking the driveway yet the cops open fire and kill the youngster, that car could have been a weapon they said.
How easy they mistake a bush for a bear. Surely, they know the difference between the sun and the moon – if the 16 year old was white they never would have shot.
This is America.

Writing stuff

No writing classes because of lockdown. Still working on poems and songs and pondering to re-write my play “The sun is shining” and also pondering how to write songs for the musical based on my book “By Heart”. So I hope people are getting copies of “By Heart” and “Longer Ago”. Both books are being promoted by word of mouth and grass roots. So please tell your friends. We will also use poems/songs from our CD’s “Words of Realness and “Freedom for the Prisoners”

Closing thoughts

Blessings and love to you all. You realness Goddesses and people and to all people who knows how to forgive themselves and others and love themselves and others – Thank you for your blessings. You keep my heart and spirit free, flowing and growing and inspired!