As some of you know or don’t know, I have been in prison for over 30 years. I am a lifer and a first termer. My one foot in darkness, may have been darker than yours, because I took a life as a young man. However, I have struggled and found and created my one foot in light and have survived to become a better man. I prefer to love, grow and be of service to others. I believe in Mother Earth, peace, love and the arts. I long to hug, kiss and stroll down garden paths or to sit under a shady tree near a pond. I long just to feel pure silence and a dark night full of stars. I would like to see some places, and feel some magic of those sights before I pass on. I long to see ancient forest and tall redwood trees and reindeer in Sweden.

 In most civilized countries, because I am a first termer, I would have been out of prison many years ago, and allowed a second chance. As a life prisoner in the California prison system, the only way I can set released from prison is by pardon or clemency. I have researched the possibilities of a pardon but never really expected one because the prison system has never pardoned a sentence like mine.
I would cherish a second chance in the free world, but even if that never happens, I know I am a loving, kind, aware, forgiving, caring man and a forever growing human being in or out of prison. I know at my age now, who would give me a job? Where would I live? How would 30 years of future shock, hit me? 
I live in the moment and I don't allow emotions like sadness make a nest in my heart and soul. I truly know that the only thing they can lock up is my body (even my body is free at times), the only aspect of me that they could pardon. My realness, my love, my essence is forever free and flowing. So a pardon is nothing in the bigger picture of things.
A pardon in the big picture of things does not hinder anything, and not getting one is no big deal. Getting my books, work, realness and Peace G messages out and mentoring young kids, fellowship with friends, family and other artists is infinitely more important.
I live in the moment but I have not given up on getting out, I look forward to consulting with a lawyer and perhaps come up with another course of action. I would like to try to get released and if you are a lawyer reading this or know one I ask for your help. Please contact my Peace G. friends or me.
Written 2011. A legal course of action started 2014.

Change, like a twister
Prison can change you in an instant like a twister – for a young person or first termer, it is like being thrown into a lion’s den – a cage of lions, having never seen a lion before in person. The young folks coming into prisons now have no hands of education, spiritual groups or job skills to grasp and hold on to as they begin their journeys down a dark path hoping to produce some light and love and a way to redeem themselves to Mother Earth, the universe, or their goddesses or gods, no matter if he or she never gets out of prison physically. True growth programs are being cut and taken away, leaving only idle time for prisoners and idle hands and no means to heal the wounds they have caused others and themselves.
Some prisoners have not yet learned or mastered the art of reading, writing and studying. No hands reaching out from art, educational and spiritual programs to start or continue their journeys or engender the learning environment within themselves needed to progress on their own. For prison can change you like a twister - and let it be for the best.
Written 2011.

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