Trailer for the documentary "Barstow" by Rainer Komers. Spoon is reading excerpts of his book "By Heart"

Trailer for the documentary "Spoon" by Michka SaƤl

Documentary of the production at San Quentin 1988

Spoon reading his poem At Night I Fly

Spoon reading his poem Paws

Ani DiFranco performing Nowhere But Barstow And Prison
Lyrics: Spoon Jackson, Music: Ani DiFranco

Official Trailer for the doumentary At Night I Fly

Trailer for the book By Heart

Spoon reading from By Heart

Luiz J Rodriguez talking about the anthology Too Cruel Not Unusual Enough and reading Spoon's poem No Beauty In Cell Bars

Co-author Judith Tannenbaum reading from By Heart

Judith Tannenbaum about teaching poetry in prison

Trailer for "Three Poems By Spoon Jackson" a short documentary produced by Michel Wenzer 

Interview with Spoon after the book realease in spring 2010 where he talks about his background, listening, writing and prison.   
Aired on The 7th Avenue Project

Interview in six parts with Spoon 2009 on Swedish National Radio in the program "Verkligheten" (forward to the last ten minutes of each program).
aired 2009-07-19  
aired 2009-07-21
aired 2009-07-26
aired 2009-08-02
aired 2009-08-09   
aired 2009-08-16

In an interview 2013 on the German radio station Deutsche Welle, Kate Laycock talks with Spoon about "how a prisoner serving life without parole became a published poet, took part in a wide range of international artistic collaborations, and found a way to 'go on', even when going on seemed impossible". This program is broadcasted worldwide.

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