Unnatural Desert II

First, there was a war on crime, then a war on drugs and then a war on war. Now there is a war on education, the poor, the hungry and the artists, a war against schools, colleges, uneducated, prisoners, musicians, poets, writers, actors, dancers, composers, painters and singers. There are wars against being real and living your truth. There is an unnatural desert being foraged across Mother Earth.
Yes, I am just a prisoner, a poet that has been locked up for decades, looking at the world from the inside out. But even I behind concrete and steel can see the devastating war being waged against the art world, the educational world and against teachers and peace makers. No matter how freeing, engaging, positive and growthful such programs have been, the programs are looked upon as a cancer, when such programs are life savers.
 Where will this war end? Mother Earth is calling us artists in individually and as collective consciousness to rise up and keep the peace and realness flowing. We must keep mentoring peace and creativity. We must push back with peace and release our collective energies as one. If I can feel this peace power through concrete and steel, surely you out there can feel it! We can meet in that collective space of solidarity that is beyond walls, governments and war makers. I am particularly speaking to teachers, you teaching artists and conductors. If you loose your jobs, you must continue to mentor and not loose your heart and soul, your spirit to love and create.

When your light is not shining bright, there is something clogged inside you that does not allow You to connect with Mother Earth. To re-connect may be as simple as smiling to a flower, a silent walk or a long look into the sky. Truly listening to bird song or seeing a flock in the sky. It may be as simple as dipping your toes in sweet waters or soft sands or feeding pigeons and sparrows from your hand.
Stay Real!


If I become a free man again...

Drawing by Spoon
Technology I’m sure would blow me away and yet I’d be more interested in connecting with lakes, deserts, mountains, parks, plants and animals and being grounded by them.
I’d be taken away by deep conversations, especially romantic conversations, and by meeting tons of relatives and friends here in the USA and Sweden. They were young or infants when I last saw them and are now grown.
I’d be blown away by playing my flute by a stream, under a bridge or tree and see what birds would come around. I would be taken away by playing my flute for a woman on the beach, or at sunset, moonrise or sunrise. To play my flute in a band.
I would float to teach a poetry class and do poetry readings and see a poem touch hearts and souls.
I would take a plane or ship for the first time to live in Sweden and France.
In peace and realness.


Commutation - Support

I have been told that the Governor looks at a few commutation applications a year and that he does not have to look at or respond to any commutation paperwork at all.

Therefore, support letters to the Governor's office in my behalf can bring light to my commutation application. So please, if you feel from the heart and realness, write letters to Governor Jerry Brown's office in my behalf. let him know why you believe my sentence should be commuted.

Every support letter is very appreciated and a great help.

Thank you!
Send your support letter to:
Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814