After 38 years in prison Spoon Jackson has filed a Habeas Corpus petition to the courts to have ”Special Circumstances” removed from his Life Without the Possibility of Parole (LWOP) sentence. A Habeas Corpus gives a court the option to strike Special Circumstances from a sentence in the interest of justice based on a prisoner's age, in custody behaviour and good programming. If granted, it would change Spoon’s sentence from Life Without Parole to Life With Parole and this could lead to his release from prison!
Spoon was overcharged in an error-ridden, racist trial in 1977. There was no evidence of the special circumstances he was charged with. Those charges were fabricated and added to the case by the court. Without them Spoon could not have been given a LWOP sentence. But there is no way to appeal such a sentence - only in custody behaviour.

The (Habeas Corpus) petitions have been denied in California State Courts. Spoon now has an attorney who has appealed to Federal Court. The first payment has also been sent to the attorney.

Spoon's friends have asked SJRA Sentencing and Justice Reform Advocacy, a verified non profit organisation, for help and an account to receive donations has been set up for Spoon's attorney expenses.

Checks: SJRA (Sentencing and Justice Reform Advocacy) P.O. Box 71, Olivehurst, CA 95961 All checks or money orders must be made payable only to: SJRA.
YOU MUST WRITE: “Spoon Jackson” in the MEMO area located in lower left-hand corner of the check!
Donations are not tax deductible!

If you're in Sweden, read this:
Vänner i Sverige kan fortfarande skicka pengar till samma pg som tidigare. Kontot tillhör: Kista kyrkokör Järva Röster och heter Network of Realness, postgiro 432393-7 OBS! Skriv "Spoon" som meddelande.