About my sentence

Dear Realness People!
HAPPY blessed New Year to you and may your lives prosper with love, peace, growth and realness.
Please forgive me for being so tardy with the monthly letter. I have been pondering things. My life in prison, my girlfriend having decided to move on and I do not blame her. What kind of life is this for a woman to have her man in prison? Prison life and the lack of State family friendly programs takes its toll on the woman.
This I have been pondering – a lonely, long string of thoughts.

I have done my research on pardon/commutation of life sentences in California Justice system and I don't see any way or any light at this time or even ever that California Governor and Board of prison terms, would reduce my sentence.
I guess 34 years is not enough for a corrupt racist juridical penal system in America. I have to let go – let go of the illusion that such an inhuman system could see the real. I have to let go because it has started to affect my heart and spirit, my love and realness. I am not giving up on getting out of this physical prison. I will not let unrealness, hate or revenge capture and entomb my spirit and heart. I'll always have hope, but within that hope, I won't have any expectations.

I long to live in Sweden and France and visit New Zealand and Norway, and even if that never happens that's okay too. I'll let Mother Earth continue to bless me and wrap me in her blanket of air and look upon the same moon as you do. I won't forever be blocked in this body. I'll keep my art, my realness, my pen and love flowing. I'll keep loving and believing in peace.
I don't need their pardon or commutation to be free - to be real.
Again I had started to be a prisoner to your illusion of hate, sexism, racism and classicism and not to what freedom really is.

I just want to give love and share love and be love and all the rest will take care of itself! Mother Earth will bless me with Realness.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you to all Peace G´s and to all who believe in me and realness.
Vi är en klippa!
Stay Real

Spoon Jackson