Petition on change.org

Spoon has now been in prison 41 years. The Governor of California started to grant commutation to Life Without Parole prisoners last year. Spoon is still waiting for his turn. It's Governor Brown's last term in office. You can help by signing this petition on change.org to request the Governor to grant Spoon commutation

Sign here Spoon Jackson - A Poet 41 years in Prison is Seeking Redemption

The petition will be sent to the Governor November 2018, but it will stay open to sign until Spoon is free.



Uncuffed is a new radio series with interviews produced by men inside Solano State Prison, aired on KALW.com radio. Here's the first interview by Spoon: Free-spirited bluegrass musician remembers days riding the rails before his incarceration. The producers come from all walks of life. They are poets, musicians, actors, and writers who share a passion for revealing the human side of incarceration. Listen to all the stories on Uncuffed. Uncuffed is supported by Arts in Corrections, a program of the California Arts Council with funding from CDCR.