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Before this blog started Spoon wrote monthly letters for around seven years that was published on, a website that is now archived.

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Spoon has no access to computers or the internet. His presence here is channelled through friends.
Please comment on his posts anyway! Comments are forwarded to him and he really appreciate them!

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Ask questions
Spoon answers questions that are published in the Spoon-Ful of Wisdom column on Pain Of the Prison System's (POPS) site.
Spoon-ful of Wisom welcomes questions from those who know someone in prison and wish to communicate with that person in the best way possible. Do you have questions about how incarceration is affecting your loved ones? What you might expect when you visit? Or anything else… ask Spoon Jackson by writing to


Spoon will recite poems and play flute over the phone if you want. He can only make prepaid collect calls through Global Tel Link. Write to Spoon for details.

Visits are very appreciated. Visiting hours are during weekends. Permission is needed and takes time to arrange with prison authorities. Write to Spoon to get the details.


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  2. Dear Spoon,
    Thanks for sharing so much of your life experience and poetry on this blog! It is highly inspiring! I have seen the documentary "At Night I Fly" and plan to show it to my 50 young adult students in English class. We will study a couple of your poems too, and I will communicate the address to your blog to those who'd like to communicate with you. Warmest greetings from a cold, snowy place in Sweden ;) //Eva Lena

  3. Dear Spoon,
    I write from India. I am in love with your poem NO BEAUTY IN CELL BARS. I often read it loud and imagine what kind of aseptic and indifferent life you must be spending.I am sure there are unwritten woes of prison life,too. Your web site is inspiring and just tells us how heavenly our freedom is.
    I wish to circulate NO BEAUTY IN CELL BARS amongst all my friends. Can I?

  4. Thank you Tushar Shah, sharing is always welcome!

  5. Spoon....
    I love your blog...i have it on my Blogroll..
    I was released from jail last year after a couple of years...i've no idea how u have managed to keep going for so long..and with such positivity and chutzpa..well done Sir...
    Art kept me sane when i was in jail...and i now blog about Art done by prisoners..mainly in UK but also from all around the world.. especially USA ...some great stuff from the States.
    I guess my Art was and still is a similar kind of thing to what u do with ur poetry..except u have huge talent and i'm only a novice...but in so many ways its not really about the 'quality' or the result instead there's so much that can be achieved and gained just in the 'doing'...
    But u have such fabulous results too...and i salute u as a truly brilliant Artist.

    Good luck Spoon....
    And keep bouncin ...
    Nigel (biggertigger)

  6. What joy! Now that I know about you, Spoon, having heard about you on a Seventh Avenue Project radio show today, I can say it is an honor to reach out to you. I can help. In many ways. And not just by moving in solidarity with you, but with all incarcerated citizens. My colleagues and I have a "plan for action" which is legal and nonviolent which holds the promise of securing the release of many who have given up hope perhaps, AND transforming life dramatically for those who we can't get released post haste. Details upon request, of course. I've already sent missives to people connected with AT NIGHT I FLY documentary, and I plan to attend the November 13th showing at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz, California. I don't want to build up hopes to have them dashed, but there's no hyperbole here. We really do believe that we can create a watershed in history this year and next. Blessings in solidarity, Oxman (I will write to you directly under separate cover soon) My mailing address is P.O. Box 1243, Aptos, California 95001

  7. Anyone who wants to write to Oxman via email about the previously posted "plan for action" sent to this site can reach out at Thanks in solidarity, Oxman