Cancel eachother out

The honorable California Governor Jerry Brown pardoned 91 people just before Christmas. We hoped he would include commuting my sentence to “Life with Parole”. Still I doubt that his office and his people ever allowed my commutation papers and all the support letters to reach the Governor’s hands.
My friend and amazing artist Ani Di Franco sent the most recent support letter to the Governor in my behalf, which was splendid. I doubt he received the letter.
The Governor’s office says LWOP’s must apply to the Board of Prison Terms/Hearings for commutation, but the Board says LWOP’s must apply directly to the Governor. They cancel eachother out, not taking responsibility to hear or read commutation pleas.

I sit here with my heart and my art still full of realness. I will continue the realness struggles.


Still waiting

Still waiting to hear from Federal Court on the California Penal Code 1385 (Habeas Corpus) petition. I have awaited a yes or no answer from the court if the California State Attorney General will be ordered to proceed and respond to my petition to strike the special circumstances [of my sentence] based partly on my in-custody behaviour. We have been waiting for that issue since August 2015. Apparently, the court feels that a prisoner isn’t going anywhere, so they just set the appeal aside and have no time line. I have two other issues now in the State courts and hope an attorney will take over those issues.