Realness Network
was once founded by my Swedish brother Stefan to help me gain audience and funds to secure a lawyer and other provisions like books, stamps, writing paper, food packages, glasses and other things California prisons do not provide, like inspiration for the spirit, soul, heart and mind.

I see Realness Network as a network where we connect on a Realness level, like where we see some things big but keep it simple.
Some people are not connected to their own realness or have lost that connection already as a kid. Like that old saying; "We were all born poets". Having lost that connection to their souls and humanity, some of us end up in prison, still others end up in the government or in big businesses and keep their inhumanity and the lack of a realness connection hidden behind verbiage or a title or phoney marriages. I think at times every step one takes as a kid in this American society shoes of unrealness are set out on purpose to stop the youth, the young folks from keeping it real. So I hope this Realness Network will be able to show people we can walk barefoot if need be, and that we can self rehabilitate inside or outside of physical prisons.

Peace Gang
Exposing Peace symbol
I remember one of the lyrics that stays in my soul and heart from one of the songs by Michael Franti; "You can bomb the world to pieces but you cannot bomb it into peace". Peace G. stands for peace instead of violence. Love instead of hate.
Peace G stands for one people, one planet, one love - one race respecting and loving Mother Earth. Peace G. stands for people moving as one, as love and as individuals glowing, growing and creating realness, walking in their own shoes.

"During one visit, Michel, Albin and I took some pictures in the visiting room. For one of them we held up the peace sign. The visiting room sergeant said we could not  keep the photos because no gang signs were allowed. I held up the peace sign and asked,
'What gang is this?" The peace gang?'
'Still, you cannot do hand gestures in photos.'
My Swedish brothers and I smiled, laughed and decided to start The Peace Gang to promote peace, love, peoplehood, forgiveness and harmony with Mother Earth."
From By Heart 

Peace G
Sharing books and songs
Dances and dreams
Instead of bullets and bombs
Wisdom and peace
Instead of greed and war

Peace G. building bridges
and wells
Instead of tearing them

We grow from our missteps
sharing forgiveness and mercy
instead of revenge and hate

Peace G. we walk each
in our own shoes
and as one, one people,
one planet, sharing many

We walk embracing the real
in all of them
coming together in peace,
truth and realness

© Spoon Jackson
Sept 2010


  1. AnonymousJuly 16, 2015

    I read about the Realness Network in a Post you wrote for The Good Men Project. LOVED IT. I wrote about your Realness Challenge in a post of my own. I read a little of your story and I am inspired. Keep writing.

    Just curious if you would provide me with permission to use your Realness Network writing photo? I will credit your site, but I love the photo!

    Keep it Real!

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  3. You can mail me to / Anja, friend and editor

    PS Spoon doesn't have internet access. If you want to get in contact with him personally, you can write a letter, and you will find the address on the contact page.