Still waiting

Still waiting to hear from Federal Court on the California Penal Code 1385 (Habeas Corpus) petition. I have awaited a yes or no answer from the court if the California State Attorney General will be ordered to proceed and respond to my petition to strike the special circumstances [of my sentence] based partly on my in-custody behaviour. We have been waiting for that issue since August 2015. Apparently, the court feels that a prisoner isn’t going anywhere, so they just set the appeal aside and have no time line. I have two other issues now in the State courts and hope an attorney will take over those issues.


  1. Good luck and hope you don't have to wait much longer. Stay strong.

  2. Ms JacksonMarch 04, 2016

    Hiiii Uncle!!!We are all waiting patiently to hear the decision.We are hoping for the best!

    We Love you!!

    Your Niece,
    Cindi Jackson xoxo