At Night I Fly - Thank you

Congratulations to my Swedish brother Michel and all the folks involved in creating the realness documentary on Arts In Corrections! The film just won the The Guldbagge Award, the “Swedish Oscar” for best documentary. I am honored to be a part of it and to have the film named after my poem “At Night I Fly”.
Thank you for showing our realness around the world, while USA is stuck on hating and non forgiving. Thank you for beleivng in me Sweden! Stay real!

At Night I Fly 

I go where the wind hides
When it's not blowing.

I watch the clouds gobble
Up the moon.
I see my thoughts, my feelings,
My love crash
Like seas on ships.

I stand on top of swords and spears.
Iwalk up on endless staircases and mountains
On the tips of giant nails
Drinking spirits out of huge goblets.

My heart pounds against no chest.
I know not what to tell it
Crowded in solitudes.
Too many souls alone to be
One body.

The moon's a defaced minted silver dollar.
It sleeps alone in its own universe.
No longer a star.

Today I died.
I died yesterday and tomorrow.
At night I fly.

© Spoon Jackson


  1. Just watched the documetary and was amazed again and again. Once for your personal journey. Once for the work done by Arts-in-corrections. Once for the uselessness of throwing it all away. Thank you for keeing us real.

  2. I watched the documentary yesterday and I was really taken by the beauty in your poems, and in the others; especially Rick. it is so hard for me to imagine what it's like, but your poetry says so much. it tells a million stories in every word; the weight of the world heavy on the shoulders of a once free man. the essence of it alls comes to me in the word "forget", like to forget one's name. I know nothing about this kind of life. nothing about being behind bars, I have been institusionalised, but even though it was like an other world, I could get out, and I know little about commiting crimes. the documenatry is really upplifting. I love when Rick tells about that he finally does something for himself- a lifetime of serving an illusion, changed. I believe that poetry and other arts is what keeps mankind alive. it wakes us up.

  3. Could you be so kind and share some links to other sources that have data about this subject of course just in case you happen to know any.

    1. There's the trailer here on the right. See the review page as well.