Lockdown update

New Folsom C-facility still have black prisoners on total lockdown during Black History month. This is a Jim Crow lockdown. No other race here is on lockdown, although prison official boast of a race riot that happened last year. The prison officials, like after slavery was abolished in the south, have made an evil unjustified way of locking only black prisoners down and say it was because of a race riot. When in reality the majority of blacks on C-yard were in their cells or at work. The few that were on the yard were victims of a hate crime that the administration knew would happen. They are able to distinguish one group or gang from another inside the white or brown races but supposedly are dumbfounded when it comes to black prisoners. This side of C-facility did not even have programs that day of the incident.
So it's over two months now that only black prisoners are denied basic prisoners programs that other races have. The prison don't seem to care or have any plans to fix the problem. Please send your blessings realness people. I send mine to you!

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