Wake up call – Lockdown

Does it take the loss of human lives like hundreds of prisoners being burnt up in a Honduras prison for the human rights organisations to wake up? Does it take another Rwanda that took over a million lives? Does it take prisoners being shot dead in masses or one having a plunger stuck up his anus by wayward cops?
It is amazing how flagrant discrimination continues on C-yard at New Folsom against black prisoners and no human rights groups have stepped up. Black prisoners are being denied programs that whites, browns and others are allowed based not on anything black prisoners have done. This is Black History Month, where are the black historians? Where are Amnesty International, ACLU, NAACP, FBI or Federal government to stop this unequal treatment of prisoners based on color of skin.
Back in December 2011 they said there was a race riot, so if that is true, why only black people are locked down? All other races have normal prison programs, and that is all I ask for of this inhumane prison system, equal treatment of prisoners and of people in general.
On the day of the incident most blacks were already confined to cells or at work. There was but a handful of black prisoners on the yard that day. So why are all blacks locked down?
Someone needs to step up and speak up and look into this Jim Crow treatment. Black folks in prison are still being hung from trees.

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  1. Recently I did a Lexis search on behalf of someone looking for information on race based lockdowns. I set the search for all State and Federal cases. The only cases that came up (in both state and federal court) were from California! CDCR's (California) use of race to lockdown is just more of "The New Jim Crow."

    Great blog, Spoon! Keep up the good work.