Nothing Human

We big banged our love into the world.

He belongs to a community of darkness,
where robbers, liars, cheats, assaulters,
war mongers, politicians, bomb makers, business men,
preachers, pimps and stock market chasers,
way layers of hearts and souls,
dream killers of the spirit.

He belongs to the same community you belong to
where you shade your one foot in darkness.

A community of realness
where all the people walk
in their own shoes
and come together in love
peace and sharing regardless of sex, color,
gay, straight or criminal.

Seeing all peole as one people
A blessing to Mother Earth

My community believes
in freedom, hope
and forgiveness.

I belong to a community
of readers,
of scolars, a community
of healers
activists, artists and thinkers,
dreamers and lovers.

A community of the broken hearted
a community of humans
a community of knowers
that nothing human is alien to anyone.

© Spoon Jackson

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