Stay Cool

There is a mean hateful officer running the rotunda where I and my co-worker run the weekend guitar check out program. He hates that prisoners have any programs and make things as hard as he can to disrupt the programs. I remember what my long time friend Karin from Sweden tells me, be nice and stay real and not curse anyone out. She is correct, because I give away my peace, realness or power over my realness and love when I get angry and express that anger through verbal insults. So I stayed cool and thankful. Instead of participating in the negative game, that could get me locked up in the hole, I took my flute, some bread, cookies and prison silence and sat down up against the small wall and fed my blackbird and cowbird friends and communed with Earth Mother. The sky was sweet and cool, but my heart, soul and spirit warm and cosy with realness. There are always peaceful, growthful healing ways to express or sublimate anger.


  1. Amen! I need to work on that! Thank you for inspiring me. xo

  2. Spoon, I totally agree with you, my buddy. I was there when it happened. But today (12/17/12) you set me up. You didn't tell me I had to write poems before I came to your class. So this is what I wrote :
    I am not in the mood
    of writing poems
    and if you make me do it
    I 'll be heading home.
    (for Spoon Jackson)
    you owe me one, buddy!