Lockdown, still

About the lockdown that followed after the riot at New Folsom prison in the beginning of December 2011.

The riot happened on C-yard over a month ago, and still no word on when any Black prisoners will be out of lockdown. The blacks, the few blacks that were out on the yard, were the victims of a hate crime. Most of the blacks that day were confined to cells or at work. Still blacks are the only race on total lockdown. The officials said it was a race riot. So why are blacks the only ones on lockdown? Why, since the few blacks on the yard were victims, why are they on lockdown, while no other race is? This is a racist Jim Crow lockdown, since the blacks have attacked no one.


  1. so true and they dont care, not even to let them call at least to check on love ones, just another easy way not to do thier job, so unfair

  2. I wish for you bird dreams and bird song. May peace be with you and a river of words.