From a letter

"...Yes, still on lockdown and no end in sight so far.  We don't get anything other than the garbage food they serve. So glad I had some package and store food. Eventually they will give packages and food back, probably after three months. No phonecalls or visits until lockdown is lifted. 
Sometimes I don't say anything in my letters about negative things going on that direectly affects me because I don't want to give it energy or more energy with my friends and family knowing about it. It was time to speak about the cell situation because I was getting out of it. I often need the public and people to know what's going on so that the administration cannot set me up with lies. People can call in and check on me and make sure I'm okay. 
I'm going to write something soon about the cell situation in general, how they force people into cells together that don't get along and if you don't go inside the cell the administration officials and wardens make your life miserable and sometimes they try to set you up in a bad cellie situation on purpose. One prisoner got killed in the cell recently on this yard. Don't know any details but they were black and on lockdown. More people should have cells to themselves, but the state and the courts don't care even when people in cells kill eachother. 
I'm doing fine and enjoy creating those little essays. It seems like more folks are becoming aware of my writing..."

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