Spring dew

Spring dew March, the sun coming heavy off winter. Glaring on the once sleeping meadow.
Happy New Year and first days of the spring, Realness People.
It has been raining sweet and steady for the last couple of days, but now the sun light is stirring people’s hearts and nature with spring. A time for fresh beginning, love, life and transformation - the sweet delicious aroma of Mother Earth’s breath. I am excited and full of inspiration and joy for this blessed year. Keep the realness flowing.

My present status

Some folks are concerned that I am hurt or disappointed because I have chosen not to pursue a pardon. California Justice system has never given a pardon to any prisoner - any black man serving a life sentence like I am serving - my research has shown that a pardon would be a moot point to pursue. There are other roads I can travel to secure my physical freedom. There are forces, powers at work inside me and in the world, that are bigger than a mere pardon by any politician, governor or judge sitting in some Eiffel tower surrounded by their illusions of dispensing justice. Their prisons may be worse than mine, because their prisons are internal and hidden by pomp and circumstances. There is still BEAUTY in cell bars.
I am not tripping or loosing any sleep. I am growing and glowing and roaring and writing. I am living and loving in the moment. I am looking for a lioness just to hang out with and share a smile. Living in the moment according to the last page in my book “By Heart”. My heart is full of love. My spirit is full of realness and my soul feel hugged by you all!

Stay Real,

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  1. You continue to be an inspiration!! Your spirit and your words area true gift and I always looks forward to my "realness" check!!