If I become a free man again...

Drawing by Spoon
Technology I’m sure would blow me away and yet I’d be more interested in connecting with lakes, deserts, mountains, parks, plants and animals and being grounded by them.
I’d be taken away by deep conversations, especially romantic conversations, and by meeting tons of relatives and friends here in the USA and Sweden. They were young or infants when I last saw them and are now grown.
I’d be blown away by playing my flute by a stream, under a bridge or tree and see what birds would come around. I would be taken away by playing my flute for a woman on the beach, or at sunset, moonrise or sunrise. To play my flute in a band.
I would float to teach a poetry class and do poetry readings and see a poem touch hearts and souls.
I would take a plane or ship for the first time to live in Sweden and France.
In peace and realness.

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  1. I wish I could know you. You are beautiful.