No Winds

Mighty strange how the dust
appeared in the desert
one day, no winds
under an orange sherbert sunset

The dust did not trickle down
from any mountains
or circle down
from the sky

It did not come
from the Dust bowl
or Grapes of Wrath
or Mother Earth

The dust appeared
from unseen places
it slows down your breath
and marchmallows your heart

There is no sense of time
no sense of speed
no sense of space
you think you are moving
when you are not
you think you are seeing
when you are not

You think you are stronger
than you are
that you could shimmy
through stone
and stroll through
cactus high flames

You think you could fly
The dust did not come
from angels
or alien ships

The dust was created
to kill
the poor and fill
the American prisons
with black and brown people

The dust was brought down
to the desert
from the cities
from white, black and brown gangs

Dust that had been
dropped into their hoods
out of no where
like manna

© Spoon Jackson 

(for Michka and Gil Scott Heron)

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