Winter and spring gone

Winter and spring gone, all spent on lockdown. Now the seventh month, still only black prisoners are on total lockdown and still only because of the color of their skin.
My skin longs to be touched and blessed by the sun as I look out of the window and watch the warmth lay on the blondish grasses. On the other side of the two razor topped fencing and lethal electric wire, the grasses are taller and a more blondish tan near the squirrel boulders. No direct sunlight ever shines through these boney cell windows, although it's dusk and the sky is heavy with sun. I can feel none on my skin. My once dark skin is now high brown.

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  1. So next time I'm out there in the 100+ heat . . .I'm going to send you some positive thoughts, and wish you some warm sunny days, Spoon! May this foolish lockdown business end yesterday. Wish I had a fortune cookie for you to predict just that *smile*