Beyond I

Drawing by Spoon
Shakespeare said,
when sorrows come
they come not as single spies
but in battalions

The lion in me is roaring
this morning, alone
but feeling all the inhumanity
of prison

I am constantly embracing
sorrows and letting them go
inviting in sunshine and spring
inviting in sweet summer rains

But this year sorrows outnumber
the rain drops and keep coming
like run-away trains

I keep embracing the sorrows
and letting them go
hoping for the best
hoping for some rest

Space to keep dreaming
Space to keep being real
Time to keep healing
Time to keep being love

Beyond labels and names
I'll keep being
until I am beyond sorrows
and pain
until I am beyond heartache
and hate
until I am beyond I

The beast in me
at peace
a calm stream in a placid

© Spoon Jackson

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