New chance for freedom, CLEMENCY!

Spoon just sent an urgent message;  he has a chance to get out of prison because Governor Jerry Brown has actually started commuting some LWOP sentences, three men at Lancaster prison got theirs approved this week!
Spoon sent a commutation petition to the Governor in 2014. 

Now he’s asking everyone who knows him to please write the warden, DEBBIE ASUNCION and ask her to put Stanley Jackson B92377 ON THE LIST FOR CLEMENCY!
Include the commutation application case number: COM - 2009 – 14, and use Spoon's given name and cdc number: Stanley Jackson B92377!

This is the address for legal mail to the prison:

CSP - Los Angeles County
PO BOX 8457
Lancaster, CA 93539-8457

Feel free to use parts of this support letter (not all, it’s far too long!): 


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