Seeking Redemption!

Please sign and share this petition requesting California Governor Jerry Brown to give a second chance to men and women with Life Without the Possibility of Parole sentences!

Spoon is one of them and we will soon make an individual petition for his case as well.

This is the Governor's last term, he already commuted over 20 LWOP sentences last year, and more is expected this year, it's the right time to do this!

Thank you for your careful consideration.
F.U.E.L. - Families United to End LWOP
Fair Chance Project - Geri Silva
Anti-Recidivism Coalition - Scott Budnick
Felony Murder Elimination Project - Joanne Scheer
California Families Against Solitary Confinement - Dolores Canales
Time for Change Foundation - Kim Carter
The Place4Grace - Karen McDaniel
Life Support Alliance - Vanessa Sloane
Dean, Berkeley School of Law - Professor Erwin Chemerinsky
Words Uncaged - Professor Bidhan Chandra Roy
The Other Death Penalty Project - Kenneth Hartman
Silicon Valley DeBug
Unlock Tomorrow - Ray Adornetto
Liberation Prison Project - Thubten Choyki

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