WHAT IS THE COLOR OF MERCY - Another no commutation

It finally started to rain again, the sweet smell scented with green. The tiny Lord Of The Rings mountains that surround the prison will fill out and be green with new growth. I try to focus my mind away from the rubbish, right now I'm pissed off, sad and my life unfocused. I just found out there was more commutations done last week. They interviewed this fellow LWOP over the phone on a Monday and called him back Wednesday to say they commuted his sentence. I'm happy for him. 

They interviewed me a year and a half ago, and right now I wonder what is the color of mercy. The guy they commuted, was like me the shooter. He was under 21. He had 15 years in the prison system. I have twice that 15 years and more. He was a first time offender, so was I. How many times must I be of service before my day comes? What is the color of mercy?
I have no money to palm any hands, no closed door friends or officials to report to in the dark. How many dogs must I kiss to get out of prison. I have only myself and my walk in realness.

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