Change, like a twister

Prison can change you in an instant like a twister – for a young person or first termer, it is like being thrown into a lion’s den – a cage of lions, having never seen a lion before. The young folks coming into prisons now have no hands of education, spiritual groups or job skills to grasp and hold on to as they begin their journeys down a dark path hoping to produce some light and love and a way to redeem themselves to Mother Earth, the universe, or their goddesses or gods, no matter if he or she never gets out of prison physically. True growth programs are being cut and taken away, leaving only idle time for prisoners and idle hands and no means to heal the wounds they have caused others and themselves.
Some prisoners have not yet learned or mastered the art of reading, writing and studying. No hands reaching out from art, educational and spiritual programs to start or continue their journeys or engender the learning environment within themselves needed to progress on their own. For prison can change you like a twister - and let it be for the best.

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