Racist Lockdown, update

Still all blacks on lockdown only and it seems that it was the plan from the start, because the prison knew when they brought that particular gang on the C-yard, overloading one side of the yard with a Mexican gang from another locked down prison that they would attack the blacks when they had an advantage. That day came last December when most of the black prisoners were confined to cells and the others were at work. So they let out that Mexican gang to attack the few blacks on the yard. The majority of blacks were not on the yard and the ones that were only defended themselves. So why is the entire black prison population on lockdown going on three months now and not allowed the same programs, visits, yard, work as white, brown and Asian prisoners. Is that not Jim Crow or punishing the victims?
This is definitely a sad sign of society. No lawyers or groups stepping up to stop the racism inside prisons or out in America. I'll keep up the struggle and hope realness will prevail! One love, one planet!

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