Still foreigner in USA, Lockdown continues

My black beautiful skin is getting lighter, because for over three months I've been in this cell on lockdown. No yard, no visits, no bird songs, no fresh air, no telephone and no store. Today is visiting day, I hear names; Williams, Ortiz, Yang and others going out to visit family and friends.
I see others not of my hue coming back from the yard, getting showers and phone calls. I have not heard a loved one's voice in months.
My skin has missed the sweet beams of the moon, grandfather moon. Now it misses grandfather sun. Skin needs the sun as surely as plants do to glow and grow. I heard weeks ago, that “At Night I Fly” won the Guldbagge Award, the Swedish Oscar, and they even mentioned my name in the presentation. I am sure others involved in Arts in Corrections celebrated the award. But, I will not celebrate until can feel the sun rays, play my flute and sit and toast with my Swedish family and friends in real time.

Stay real Realness people, continue the struggle.
Occupy hate with love,
Struggle and truth anywhere you can

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