Lockdown still going - Fake Sky

Spring is slowly passing on and lockdown have already consumed winter and now eating into spring.
I was in the hole for 12 days and now I am out and back on C-yard. But they have not given me my property so I don't have my adress book or letters from folks I need to answer like brothers Jan, Jimmy and Michel.
They have deepen the darkness of the lockdown and it's now almost the start of my six month in the cage. I am a little tired, but my heart is still full of love, peace and realness.
I am happy to say that ”At Night I Fly” went on Swedish TV April 20. So perhaps hundreds or thousands of people saw it. I hope so.
The hole cage was no fun and I've lost weight, but thats okay.


Back on mainline
out of the hole
they call Stand Alone
where you sit in a concrete cave,
no outside window or light

Concrete bunks, with a
concrete almost table
close to the bunk
no stool to sit there

Only a pen filler to write
they have a three inch wide,
by three feet fake sky window
that leads to nowhere
and you cannot see
out of

I see sky and spots
on the window sill
trying to figure out
which are birds
or just dirt or stains
on the thick pane

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