Lockdown day 187

I felt my muscles getting weaker, so I started my work out program a couple of weeks ago. I do sit ups amd stretcheing before I get up to brush my teeth, and then I do push ups, pull ups, back arms and squats. I do my walking back and forth in the cell. I let the thin window be my television and view of the world. It has been a month without my property, so I don't have my address book, toothpaste, lotion, soap, paper, pens and my writing material to meet my deadlines.
The tooth powder they give us to brush our teeth with, even some guards have warned me not to use.
Fortunately my Swedish brothers Jan and Göran have sent me some books to read and Judith, my sister has sent in various reading stuff and Barbara Brooks brilliant SJRA Advocate Journal which keeps me updated on all the news on the prison system.
In realness

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