Lockdown, No Drama

Unlock seems to be working, they have been releasing blacks and south sider Mexicans to go to work, store, yard and medical and nothing has happened. Still they have not allowed me to go to work. Still there are no visits or phone calls. Yard has been very controlled with one building at a time and before this past week it was one race on the yard at a time. Yesterday all races was on the yard and nothing happened. So I hope they let me go to work next week. Because due to new criteria I and all LWOP's with low points will be transferred to lower level prisons, which isn't always a blessing. It depends on where you go.
The entire Art Room (formally Arts In Corrections) workers may be transferred. My transfer may happen in September. So, I'm looking for places to send some of my property out to the streets, letters and paperwork for safe keeping. They are changing New Folsom C-facility into a lockdown hole kick out yard with no programs. Soon even the Art room will be shut down. Shut down of programs seems to be a part of the new mission at New Folsom, and they are no longer hiding that plan.
(written August 10)

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  1. Spoon!! This leaves me sick to my stomach to think that there may be nothing for us to come back to!! I say my prayers for you and all my brothers that I have met along the way and my heart fills with gratitude!! Smile, laughter, songs, poems, truth, growth and power. These are just a few of the words I use to describe you all. I pray that if they transfer you that they send you somewhere you can shine and teach and be the leader that you are!! Please hold One Soul in your heart on these long uncertain days and know that we are holding you in ours!! Love & Light!!