Update for support letters

Realness people, forgive my delay in creating blogs, tweets, poems and letters. I've gotten boxed into a corner, with my back up against a legal mountain to climb, and I have no attorney to guide me, so I have to drive into the law myself and strive for the best. I look forward to getting back to writing art and perhaps a series if vignettes, a few paragraphs each, artful but not analytical. I have to figure out that path as well and use the power of my poetry.

Right now I am deep diving into the laws because there appear to be at least three paths I can create that possibly can lead to my physical freedom. I must do the legal work, and learn how to do the work as I go along. I am not always logical. Sometimes I am a fool and an idiot. I seek wisdom from books and from those around me more versed in the laws. I want to have all legal matters in count as soon as possible. I would prefer to be doing art and I miss doing it like the earth would miss its orbit or companion the moon.

Commutation papers has been sent to the Governor of California. Now there is more work to do, first to get "special circumstances" dropped from my case and second to get to the Board of Prison Terms, because since 1993 I'm supposed to have been going back to the board.

Support letters on my behalf is most appreciated and a great help in this process. Letters can include work offers and offers of places to live etc.
Please address letters to The Board of Prison Terms/Board of Parole and send them to me. 
Recommendations of lawyers that could do pro bono work is very welcome as well.

Spoon Jackson B-92377
CSP - LAC, A5-113
P.O. Box 4430 Lancaster 

CA 93539-4430

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