More support letters

Spoon is requesting more support letters for other parts of his legal fights besides the commutation papers that is being sent to the Governor of California at the moment. It includes trying to have "special circumstances" dropped from his case and preparation for a future parole hearing etc.
Anyone who wants to write a support letter describing what kind of person he is (from your own point of view and why he deserves a second chance, he says it could also include work offers, recommendations for places to live etc), it would be very appreciated.

I'm not familiar with the correct terms or the system so this is all I can say at the moment.
Anja (friend and blog editor)

Send support letters to Spoon personally at this address:

Spoon Jackson B-92377
CSP - LAC, A2-231
P.O. Box 4430 Lancaster, CA 93539-4430

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