Diary New Folsom June 1

Still here at New Folsom, thought I'd be transferred by now. But it's okay that I'm not. I have things to do here, classes to continue to teach, and birds to hang out with. Hopefully, I'll get visits from my folks in Sweden in July. The grey ground squirrel is on its boulder looking out over the field near the boulder tree. My thoughts are all over the place, a lot of worry, some worry about my second mum's health in Sweden. I hope I'll get out of the cage to jog today. I hope I won't allow the thoughts of worry build a nest in my heart and soul. Looking out the window, there are no back side of the sell block geese sightings. But, I did see the wild turkey parade headed towards their feeding grounds. A jackrabbit dashed down the outer fence.
I got out and had a two mile run and about a mile walk. It was about 93 degrees in the sun, a lovely reminder of desert weather. I must continue to expand and discuss things with people I love and care about and even share with people I don't love or like. I must keep extending my hand,  building bridges even when no one else wants one there.

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