Diary New Folsom May 26

Late start on writing this blog today. I got up late this morning and did my core work. I then went out to the smaller yard and did my gosling meditation. I went to sit in front of the art room, and I read and pondered some of the book “Exterminate All the Brutes” by Sven Lindqvist, a hideous evil history of European colonialism and imperialism based on the color of skin or race. I still believe in one race. Anyway, I'm reading this book as a part of a future project with my Peace G brother Michel Wenzer, the film maker who did the two documentaries “At Night I Fly” and “Three Poems by Spoon Jackson”.
Being of African decent this book on colonialism and imperialism hits home and angers and saddens my heart, soul and spirit. Racism, subtle and extreme, continues in America and other colonizing countries. Still based on color of skin. Does survival of the fittest mean he who have no conscience and can kill, strive, rob or murder people? Are humans only cruel beasts? I mean worse than beasts who don't normally kill for profit or just to be the most evil. There were plenty of little Hitlers and other tyrants throughout mankind history.

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