Diary New Folsom June 2

Good morning Earth Mother, and thanks for your early morning mist on this soon to be hot and sweet day. I envision not putting anyone down or zap anyone's energy in a negative way or allow anyone to zap my positive energy. I'm striving to share energy that creates forever growth, love and realness. I'm striving to share balanced peaceful light and darkness that empowers and creates and not hinder and destroy. Looking out of my theater window a red-tailed hawk flies low and lands on a boulder across from a telephone pole. She looks better on a boulder than on a pole.
I got another mile run before the heat was too heavy to run in. I met my little geese family on the small yard and did my gosling meditation. Later in the day I went to the big yard and saw that my geese family had flown over to that crowded yard and was back at the corridor gate that lead back to the small yard. I got a guard to open the gate and I marched them through. By noon all the geese on the yard was panting like dogs from the over 100 degree heat. I had the tiny pond full of water for them, but the big Folsom lake is only seconds or minutes away from here.

Thank you
I want to thank all Peace G's, Peace Poets and all the realness folks on Facebook and Twitter that follow me and that we follow. Particularly my people in Sweden that have embraced me with realness, love and inspiration over the years. I hope I'll continue to inspire you to be real and keep glowing and growing. To look at us all as human beings because underneath we are all the same. We must call for non violence and racial peace and respect for all people. We must heal together and allow Mother Earth to seep into our hearts and souls and be one

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