The Gosling Five Week 7

The Gosling Five started their seventh week. Their wings and bellies are bigger and almost fit their bodies. The baby fur is just left on their necks and lightly on their backs. I can see the deeper colors of their black and white neck and head. They are young adults now and practice flapping their wings every chance they get. They have layers of adult feathers. The birds have no idea what is in the sky and beyond the cell blocks. Two of the goslings have huge feet, bigger than their parents. I wonder if it's like with wolf pups with big paws, does it mean the goslings will be large geese?

I did not hang out much with the Gosling Five today. I called them over to the fence beside the art room (you can see that fence on the cover of my poetry book "Longer Ago") and fed them. They are young adults and are acting more distant.

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