At Night I Fly on Swedish TV

At Night I Fly, the documentary by Swedish film maker Michel Wenzer, about prisoners, Spoon
being one of them, taking part in California's programming Arts In Corrections, is once again aired on Swedish tv for the Swedish audience tonight at 10 pm! But don't be sorry, it's available worldwide to rent or buy: http://www.story.se/films/atnightifly/

The diary that is currently pubished on the blog is from last year just before Spoon was transferred to another prison and Arts In Corrections was about to be closed down.

The documentary won Sweden's most prestigeous film price 2011, the equivalent to an Oscar.

At Night I Fly is a poetic testimony from a secluded world. New Folsom is one of the strictest prisons in the USA. A brutal world with riots, heavily armed guards and murders between rivaling gangs. In the middle of this there is also hope. In the film we meet several prisoners sentenced to life who take part in the programme Arts in Correction, where they meet over racial borders and gang hierarchies. These men have grown during their time in prison, they have learnt what it really means to be a human being. At night I Fly is film about the power of art."
From Story Film's website

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