Diary New Folsom May 5

My fellow artist Marco's rock/country band played in concert with Ken and Marty's blues band. The following week Marco was transferred. The week after that the blues and R&B drummer Mario was transferred. Now Marty and Ken are waiting to go and I'll be gone to Lancaster prison in the summer. The end of an era for sure. Sometimes it seems like where I go art blossoms in realness and tremendous creativity and flow but then something happens to change or cause it to vanish or transform into less art and growth. This was a unique setting with artists teaching visual arts, poetry, prose and music, who themselves were prisoners. Not that any of us are indispensable, but the magic and realness we put into the journey and mix sure was. Marty and I learned a lot of our craft from other poets and teaching artists, who did their work under Arts In Corrections in the 80's and 90's, and taught and developed Marty and me. Our teachings, poetry and music was documented on film.
I'll miss One Soul, particularly Mel, Katie, Ellie, Rick, Spiff, Shawn, Cheri, Michelle and for sure Corinna D! I'll forever miss you as I do desert sunsets and breezes, mountain streams and wild flowers. I miss you as I do stars and moon at night and as I do hugs, smiles and kisses. Doesn't seem righteous that we all must go our separate ways like soda pop bottles in the sea. No more Roundtree or Big C to sing the blues, so Ken, though hard to breath or walk dug deep and bellowed more bluesy than ever.

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