Diary New Folsom May 4

May 4
Window Earth Mother theater has opened. Right now I can only see the grasses, weeds and boulder tree waving good morning. The turkey parade will be here soon. I'm feeling sore from my run yesterday. It's  a good sore. I'll run again today. I must pick the right time to avoid the yard going down for some fist fight, where tear gas is shot or yard goes down for some other alarm. Usually the fights are over silly shit. Sometimes even old fools still want to be gangsters and get in a fight.
Anyways, good morning Mother Earth. It's 9:30 am and I'm still in the cell. There is a hater cop in the tower who likes running his own program and doesn't care that I have a memo that says I should be released at first yard to run art programs. I washed my shorts, T-shirts and towel instead and wrote letters. I will not let the hater cop spoil my mood, flow and work today. I'll see the Gosling Five later.

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