Diary New Folsom May 22

I arose with the yoga program on TV at 5:30 am. A lovely yoga lady instructor. I was up at 2:30 am and did my core work. Good Mother Earth and window theater I have my prose class today and I'll have my students continue to work on their respectful letters to the Governor. I'll see what today brings and welcome today, no matter what. I'll welcome the moment. I'll ponder the offers of love and romance I often get from women for the next life. I understand, and it does not make me mad and even makes me smile although my heart is sad. For love knows no boundaries, no time nor place. I understand and it's true when a woman has her man in prison doing a life sentence, she is doing that life sentence too. I don't wish that upon any woman. I understand the next life thing, even though my heart aches for a hug and love. Sometimes it seems my life has been over, since I turned 20 with no loving get back. I'll live on or die in realness. My mind is often full of something, some folks say full of shit. But that's okay too. I smile.

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