Diary New Folsom May 7

Up at around 2:30 am this morning, and I could not get back to sleep and so I lied there pondering prison silence until 4:00 am. I did my core work out. My allergies seem to have declined.
Today we will have the blues band, what's left of it, in the art room, there's only Ken and the new guy Gattis. Kelly, a singer/musician/songwriter comes in sometimes from Grass Valley to play in the blues band and have performed with them in concert a few times. Kelly was here for the last concert. A shout out to Grass Valley and to Robin who was here for the concert too, thanks for all support from all the realness folks in that valley. Still early morning and too dark for theater window. I can see only the light reflected off the razor wire and electric fencing. So happy they have lethal fences to keep the mean public away and the media – true media kept at bay (smile). Perhaps one day true media will be allowed back inside California prisons to get real stories instead of being fed untruths by controlled media.

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  1. Please relay this message to Spoon. THANK YOU!

    From: Fury 7/16 6:03 pm

    Spoon - I had the misfortune of missing two of your calls today. The first time I pressed 5 (I swear the robot voice told me to press 5 to take the call) and it hung up on me... the second time I did not hear the call (my phone is broken and it does not ring aloud!)...
    Damn it.
    OK, I'll be keeping my phone near.

    Sorry about that.

    Hope all is good.