Diary New Folsom May 6

Up at 4:30 am and did my core work. Today no jogging. I ran three days in a row. It's time for a break. I'll do push ups and bar work and resume jogging later this week. This will be the first day in the art room with out my brother Marty. Now I'll be the only teaching artist until I'm transferred.
5:30 am, starting to get light and the window theater sis coming alive with cloudy skies and soft light rain fall, just enough to mist the valley. Mother Earth gets a light shower.
We held the visual arts class today and set up the item Marty had his students drawing, a skeleton head of a deer with horns.
The Gosling Five has even more layers of feathers, soon they will take to the air. Their wings need to grow a little more. Week seven starts tomorrow.
Brother Marty gone this year, but forever with me. We are family.

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