Diary New Folsom May 8

Window theater in opened. Yes, I can see nature from the cell window, from there I see Mother Earth in all her splendor. It is my natural stage along with my gosling meditation. The theater window allow my spirit and heart to be in awe and part of the wonder. The clouds are back again, filling the sky and making the morning warm.
Realness people, please send healing love, thoughts and vibes to my second mum Barbro in Sweden. I'm still doing these daily prison logs until my spirit tells me to move on. I hope you are getting some insights into prison life, however boring and static it can be. I'm sitting here waiting for work, and it should be easy to get out of the cell this morning. I have my prose class today. Before class I'll commune with the Gosling Five and sit outside the art room and play my native flute along with The Isley Brothers' ”Beautiful Ballads”.
Yesterday Ken had his blues day in the art room with three visiting musicians.  They played most of Ken's blues songs. There was a violin player and two guitar players, Kelly from Grass Valley, Kari and Tom from the Bay area. It was a good day for old Ken.
Day's over and I'm back in the cage. I showed a video of another poet/writer Louis Rodriguez, in my poetry class as an example of how one must explore and share one's own experiences through poetry and prose. The universal is personal. Share your own journey, your own life and others will be able to step into your path and gain some enlightenment on their own journey, their own deepest light and darkness. That undiscovered land is inside us. We go there and bring back realness.

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